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Metro Blind Sport was founded in 1973 by an inspirational group of young blind and partially sighted people who were not prepared to accept the expectations and restrictions of the day – chess and country walks were not enough for them! Metro is determined to keep alive this spirit of adventure, challenging barriers and opening doors to all sports for our members.

Our aim is to open doors to sport for all vision impaired people, regardless of age or sporting ability. We encourage participation and create opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities.

We provide a variety of sporting and leisure opportunities to blind and partially sighted people, that

· Reduces the inequalities faced by people with sight loss in being able to access sporting activities and venues

· Provides increasing confidence and self esteem

· Promotes independence

· Provides Improved fitness, general health and mental well being

· Reduces isolation, develops friendship and develops peer support

Sport can have many benefits for people living with a visual impairment. Aside from the obvious health benefits that come with taking part in physical activity, sport can improve social interaction and increase opportunities to interact inside and outside of a sporting environment. It can improve a person’s self-efficacy which will have considerable benefits in everyday life as well as helping with improvements in balance and sensory awareness.

One member, in a recent blog has said that ‘I didn’t just discover cricket at Metro Blind Sport, I discovered independence, freedom and a new lease of life. Cricket became the vehicle to greater things in life, such as university, volunteering, employment, living on my own and the greatest achievement of all, representing my country.’

Visual impairment does not have to prevent people from playing sports that they really enjoy.

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