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Did you know 47% of professionals in the UK want to change their career for a better work-life balance?

‘With a changing economy and new sectors creating jobs and business models that would not have even existed a decade ago, many professionals may have considered the option of jumping ship and facing the challenges of a new career path," said Dr Steve Priddy, dean and director of research at LSBF.

“If you are one of these 47% looking for a change or maybe looking to earn an additional income stream, part time, alongside what you do now, would you be interested in taking a look?”

Isagenix is a leader in the health and wellness profession with an opportunity attached.

Isagenix Independent Associates work and offer support with people who are looking to take ownership of their life in a number of different ways.

Isagenix Independent Associates have customers who share their feedback, this includes:

amazing body and mind transformations

increasing energy levels

weight loss

weight maintenance

convenient, saving time

personal development

an additional income

engagement and sense of community

Interested in working alongside a company that is privately run, looks after the customer and recognises your hard work!

Be part of an open opportunity.

Being an Isagenix Associate offers a unique Business Model, ever wanted to start your own business? At Isagenix the foundations of the business are already available for you to start earning additional income from day one - Enrol, use the products, share the opportunity!

As an Isagenix Independent Associate I'm excited to share with you a business model that works around the effort you put in. Looking for that side income that works around your current role? Come and see me at the Isagenix stand to see what is out there that could make the difference!