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Harlands process the largest amount of leisure memberships in the UK and Euro-zone - over 1.7 million Direct Debits each month. Not only do we process the payments, we can completely manage these memberships via our customer service centre, dealing directly with your members queries, arrears payments and debt recovery if required. The fastest growing companies in our industry work with Harlands for 3 main reasons:

1. TO MAXIMISE INCOME ON EACH MEMBERSHIP SOLD: Harlands will improve your credit control process to ensure the maximum revenue is collected according to your brands specific terms.

2. SLICK ONLINE JOINING: Harlands can build an online joining solution to suit your website and sales process for signups both in and out of the club. Our solution will adapt so any device can be used for membership signup - phone/laptop/tablet/kiosk.

3. REDUCE INTERNAL ADMINISTRATION time/cost and improve your customer service. Harlands deal with all payment processes related to Direct Debits. Too many companies are reliant on 1 or 2 key people for their main source of income - your processes will be more future proof and more flexible with Harlands.

Integration with your software provider:

Harlands have the ability to integrate with your software to ensure the appropriate synchronization between your internal CRM and payments.

NEW: Sales Generator

Our cloud based prospect management tool allows gyms to manage their sales process/communications better and sell more.