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HaB Direct has the reputation of being the market leader for delivering: Innovative & Best in Class: Performance Testing; Monitoring & Research products, World Class: Strength & Conditioning Training products.

Exclusive brands include:-

• POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link S/w - a “Gold Standard” – Time Efficient, Performance Training

• POWERbreathe Altitude Systems (PBAS) - PBAS utilize newly developed leading edge technology

• h/p/cosmos treadmills

• Monark cycle; ergometers for testing, performance training & rehab

• Zephyr Performance Systems, global leader in real-time physiological, biomechanical monitoring

• CET CryoSpa market leading ice baths for aiding recovery

Other HaB Direct Exclusive brands @ ELEVATE’19 include: EKF Lacate Scout +, Biosen; Zebris; Lactate Pro 2;Tanita

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