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GANTNER is the market and technology leader in electronic check-in and membership administration systems for health and fitness clubs. Functions and devices in all areas of the club can be controlled using contactless technology - from the barrier in the car park, through the turnstile at the entrance, up to the locker in the changing room. If cash sums are credited, the credential works like a wallet for internal use in the club.

Optimize Your Club – With a Unique GANTNER Management System

Just imagine your members only need their membership card, wristlet or smartphone in order to take advantage of all the services your club has to offer. Beginning with the check-in, the use of the wardrobes, the contactless payment at the vitamin bar or at the vending machine, or even the uploading of the favorite training software on network-compatible fitness machines – with a GANTNER system, you do away with bureaucratic barriers, increase convenience, but above all: You reduce your costs, optimize your infrastructure and minimize staff expenditure. Wonderful, isn’t it?

An Individual Solution Just for You – Custom-made, Custom-fit and Expandable Step by Step

The GANTNER access control solutions make sure only paying members work out in the club – without involving any staff in the checking. Check-in and check-out is done conveniently with a data carrier (membership card, wristlet, smartphone) and only members registered as being present can use a wardrobe locker or pay cashless. The GANTNER terminal also offers statistic evaluations and short customer surveys. This saves time and money and gets you valuable feedback.

An efficient and secure locking system is an absolute MUST for any club today. With a modern locker locking system, staff costs are saved, space resources can be optimally used and security is increased, not to mention the added convenience you will be able to offer your members. The freely selected, alarm-secured wardrobe lockers are easily locked using a membership ID or a smartphone. At the front desk PC, central opening hours can be configured any time and the occupancy rate analyzed with the help of a reporting functionality. Combining the club management with the locker locking system guarantees that members can only occupy one locker at a time and reminds them at the exit if their locker is left locked.

Without cash in the club and still able to enjoy all services and goods on offer? No problem with a GANTNER system. The membership card has the functionality of a purse or credit card. What has almost become standard in high end clubs is now also making an entrance into budget clubs: Cashless payment at juice bars, vending machine, solariums and paying fitness classes.