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FWB merges Gaming and Sports to attract a new audience of digitally active people

Fun With Balls boosts the motivation of people from all ages and skill levels by making real physical activity a fun and engaging experience. By merging real sports with gaming, our fully immersive systems can be easily installed at any gym, leisure centre, hotel, school, rehabilitation centre and kindergarten. Upgraded facilities offer a new level of excitement and potential to make more people more active!

FWB solutions are now launching in the UK market, making available a new dimension of physical engagement with interactiveSQUASH and multiBALL and finally getting people to enjoy sports as much as they enjoy playing computer games.

Attract a larger audience to your venue by offering fun and engaging experiences to start increasing traffic and growing your revenues!

Experience the multiBALL excitement

Try FWB's innovative technology and discover how simple it is to experience the multiBALL fun! It is super easy to install, you can upgrade any space to attract a massive public without having to occupy it with bulky gym equipment. The system becomes immediately the center of attention, getting people hooked thanks to the variety of games and possibilities offered by the interactive wall technology.

Let's have fun together

Visit our stand to try and learn more about how you can easily benefit from our solution and integrate it in your daily life. As an operator, now you can differentiate your selling proposition and transform your business model by adding to your facility the most attractive sports innovation on the market.

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