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In 2013 Geoff, as a director of a successful Physiotherapy practice, became frustrated with the massage products available, oils being messy, wasteful and some balms full of chemicals. I wanted something natural, clean, aromatic and providing firm control as he worked, without an inflated price tag.

Geoff decided to make his own wax, using all natural ingredients. Flow is designed to nourish the skin but also give the therapist firm control. Flow Wax absorbs slowly into the skin so a little goes a long way, meaning you get value for money too!

Since then Flow Wax has been used on 1000’s of patients, and as its popularity has grown, as has the range, to the point where Flow is trusted by therapists nationwide.

We don’t believe in mass production. By making small batches at a time, we can guarantee the quality of every single pot we sell. Because Flow Massage Wax is developed in line with our ethics at Flow Therapies, we’ll only put our name (and reputation) on the line for the very best.

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