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FitQuest provides state of the art solutions for fitness measurement and tracking which can be used by gym goers to assess their own progress, personal trainers and coaches to support their clients and as an engagement tool and tracker for operators. Our online ecosystem moves member engagement into a new age for operators providing data driven analytics to support goal achievement.

FitQuest accurately measures incremental changes in fitness and body composition over time. Technology from biomechanical research labs, normally only available to elite athletes, is available to all gym goers in an easy to use package. The instrument, developed by MIE Medical Research Ltd, sets new standards in human performance measurement with over 30 years experience of supporting some of the world’s leading universities and sports scientists.

FitQuest measures human performance over eight parameters using an advanced measurement platform with a customised user-friendly touch screen and computer interface. The experience is intuitive for members and can be used to drive uptake to personal training and demonstrates how effective exercise programmes are at supporting members and clients to achieve their goals. The newest model, FitQuest BIA, also includes body composition analysis using bioelectrical impedence analysis (BIA) to provide further insight to all users about their health and fitness.

Now operators can drive member engagement in new ways ensuring your facilities remains relevant in the new digital age!

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