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FitnessCompared is the first and only fitness equipment comparison website for the UK market.

Millions of us use comparison websites every year for getting the best prices online, so it’s about time that the UK fitness industry had one! The website will feature products from suppliers across 8 categories: Cardio, Strength, Free-Weights, CrossFit, Functional Training, Flooring, Studio Equipment and Indoor Cycles. Buyers select the category, then the equipment specifications and quantities of products they want. Click ‘Compare’ and you’ll have the results within seconds.

Once buyers have their first round of prices, they can choose which suppliers they want to negotiate with. This is done anonymously, with multiple suppliers at the same time and buyers will get the best prices within a few minutes based on lead time, stock availability and price. There are so many benefits to buyers using the website, to save time and money even if it’s just to check prices for a future project. It’s great for suppliers too, as they can also save time and money and do not engage directly with a buyer until their order has been placed.

Best of all, the website is completely free for buyers to use, so register your interest and we will keep you updated with the launch date.