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eGym to launch the navigation system to customer success at Elevate

Elevate will see eGym launch ground breaking new product innovations, celebrate connected partners and share industry insight and expertise.

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eGym's 7 Training Programmes

On the exhibition floor, eGym will present for the first time in the UK, eGym training programmes, an ultra-advanced software solution, which delivers an unrivalled level of automated, individualisation to each and every prescribed training programme. The software upgrade also introduces three new training methods - Adaptive, Isokinetic and Explonic - applied as required to deliver results, fast.

Advanced training principles honed from the original software, including periodisation and individualisation, along with the application of optimal ergonomics and resistance levels have been enhanced to create a 12 -week, phased, progressive programmes. eGym is the navigation system to customer success, designed to support all club members to reach their bespoke training goal, whether that be Muscle Building, General Fitness, Weight Loss, Athletic, Sports Rehabilitation or Body Toning.

eGym SmartStart cardio software

The progressive equipment and software company will also be introducing its new SmartStart cardio software solution. This enables eGym ONE partners to utilise eGym’s easy-to-use, fun and motivating software on their cardio machines. Following the principles employed by the eGym strength equipment software, this new innovation delivers automatic setup and guides the users through each stage of their workout. Similar to eGym’s renowned single repetition maximum strength test on its strength equipment to produce a biological age, SmartStart prompts the user to perform regular ‘cardio tests’ to produce a Cardio-Age. The test measures endurance capability then automatically calculates a personalised smart training prescription to complement plans provided by the trainer. The SmartStart software also provides instant feedback and synchonises all data to the eGym Trainer app and Fitness app for optimal member motivation.

eGym ONE’s growing partner network

The stand will also celebrate eGym’s growing network of connected partners under its eGym ONE brand. Partners joining eGym on-stand will be Precor manufactures of cardio equipment, InBody producers of body analysis equipment and Clubright member management software built by gym owners for gym owners. Each will be fully connected and able to offer product demonstrations and showcase the benefits of creating a truly connected workout environment.


The leading provider of custom-branded mobile apps for fitness facilities Netpulse, will demonstrate how thousands of health clubs have successfully engaged members and increased club revenue. Netpulse was recently acquired by eGym and will be presented on the adjoining booth, D08.

eGym CEO on the panel

In addition, eGym CEO, Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer will be flying in from Munich to take part in a main stage discussion entitled Technology: Friend, not foe on Thursday, May 10 at 2pm. At 3pm the same day, UK Country Director, Kerstin Obenauer, will be discussing customised data-based programming as part of a data panel under the Business education stream sponsored by eGym.

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