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eGym is the first multi-provider connected training zone with its expanding connected partners to the products of numerous leading equipment and software manufacturers. Members can log in to all the connected equipment beyond the eGym machines via an RFID Chip, whether it is for strength machines, cardio machines or a body analyser. Additionally, training is recorded even if the member is out of the gym, via connected Wearables and Apps. Making all training data accessible for trainers and members using the eGym Trainer App or the eGym Fitness App.

The eGym solution shows how a modern gym works for everyone with our all-electronic eGym strength-machines, which places gamification at the heart of the user experience. Our open-platform approach with intelligent eGym software benefits in many ways; the trainer can improve individual care as they can manage the complete training plan of the customer to include partner devices. Plus, the member obtains additional valuable points for activities from partner devices – supporting an increase in motivation and a decrease in churn rate.

Members can concentrate solely on completing their training plans as set by the trainer, enabling them to reach their training goals much more successfully. eGym is fun, easy to use, motivating by data and keeps people with their gym for the long-term.

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