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Dyaco UK Ltd offers a versatile range of world-class commercial, medical and home fitness equipment with brands including Spirit Fitness and Johnny G.

We cater for all markets, aiming to be at the cutting edge of developments in the industry to react accordingly and provide operators and gym users with the equipment they need and want.

Elevate will see the official UK launch of our UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) equipment. Dyaco holds the global licence to manufacture and distribute UFC branded Kombat and fitness equipment in both professional and retail markets.

With over 300 million fans worldwide, our products will enable customers to capitalise on the popularity of mixed martial arts and one of the most popular brands in the world.

The components within Dyaco’s UFC offering comprise:

  • UFC Ultimate Kombat – Commercial combat training equipment and accessories, including UFC branded gloves and punchbags.
  • UFC Ultimate MXS (Strength Series) – Commercial selectorised strength and plate loaded machines, plus benches.
  • UFC Ultimate Training – Functional Training Rigs, free weights and accessories.