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DFC are a leading direct debit collection company, providing cash flow solutions to happy clients from all over the UK. We do more than simply collect your subscriptions, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver an outstanding service and fantastic value for money. Having worked extensively within the leisure industry, we can say that our input has been paramount in helping a large number of leisure providers continually grow.

Our desire to incorporate the latest technology into each and every aspect of our business means that we can proudly provide unprecedented customer service, along with total transparency. The result is clear pricing and no hidden extras. With DFC you can expect more billing, greater credit control and increased compliance. Our in-depth reporting and analytics will give you an insight into your best paying members, alongside opportunities for improved collection rates.

Our team removes the stress of collecting payments so you can spend more time adapting your membership rates and facility usage in a way that suits your business model - with the information we give you.

At DFC, we do more. Above all, we will always go out of our way to deliver on our promises. Our mission is to help you improve your relationships with your customers so that they stay longer.

You can leave us to collect your Direct Debits, while you concentrate on running – and growing - your business.