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Boutique gyms is a division of Craig Young Consulting Ltd, passionate about health and fitness, and especially the unique experiences that boutique gyms offer. Our concept was born from the very people we have nurtured on their gym journey, from a resounding call for unique products and ideas to keep their facilities fresh, and from a burning desire to stand out from the crowd. Boutique gyms strives to be at the forefront of fitness. We get to the very heart of the industry, travelling the globe, visiting gyms, factories and trade shows to source the best state-of-the-art equipment. We are immensely proud to be sole UK & Irish distributors for; The Abs Company, Brewer Fitness, Training Wall, NuFit, Gym Wipes and HiTrainer, and cherry-pick only the finest brands. For us it is essential that we forge strong relationships with our product designers, brand developers and suppliers to market their products with care and exclusivity. Boutique gyms’ wealth of experience in a whole spectrum of facilities, and complete knowledge of the most innovative products on the market, enable us to advise on which type of equipment, flooring and signage would work best for your space, as well as the specialist fitness zones within that, no matter how large or small they might be. With your trust, and our understanding, together we create an exceptional training haven.