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BASRaT is the regulator for Sport Rehabilitators and champions the profession. BASRaT`s register of Sport Rehabilitators is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, the UK`s top medical regulator.

As the UK regulator, BASRaT guides Sport Rehabilitators on all aspects of their role and responsibilities, ensuring professional competency and continued professional development. Sport Rehabilitators on the BASRaT register adhere to a strict code of ethics, conduct and professional practice.

Sport Rehabilitators aid people with musculoskeletal pain, injury or illness. They help people to maintain their health and fitness, recover from and prevent injury and reduce pain using exercise, movement and therapy. As experts in Exercise Prescription, Sport Rehabilitators empower patients to improve their own health, treating injuries and prescribing exercise for a healthier nation.

BASRaT works hard to promote the benefits of Sport Rehabilitation and to promote awareness of the profession. BASRaT’s mission is to champion, raise awareness and support areas of growth, whilst ensuring best working practices and professional standards from Sport Rehabilitators. BASRaT pledges high standards of future professionals through monitored, accredited degree courses and practical work.