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amplitrain: Short. Effective. According to plan.

amplitrain is an innovative and highly effective high-tech workout concept based on electrical muscle activation: EMA. It offers a time-saving, gentle, and extremely effective whole- body workout.

amplitrain uses the body‘s own principle to stimulate muscle activity through electrical impulses. This is done using a sophisticated terminal, the amplicube, high-tech electrodes incorporated in the suit, and a smart app. The suit and thus also the electrodes are connected to our amplicube.

Build up muscles faster and more gently using electrical impulses in the modulated mid-frequency range of 2000 Hz. 2 x 20 minutes of EMA training per week give you the same effect as many hours of a classic workout in the fitness center. This is valuable time that you can save. This also makes the short and effective EMA workout easy to fi t into your daily routine.

Whether in the fitness studio or on the move – the amplicube‘s powerful battery makes it smart, wireless, and mobile. The power supply mode guarantees unlimited workout pleasure.

amplitrain offers the perfect workout!

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