Your Cellular FitnessTM Headline Sponsor

Posted on: March 10, 2021 by Totum

Cellnutrition Sport are no strangers to Elevate, headlining as the main sponsor with their Totum Sport products for the past 3 years.

Remarkable breakthroughs in science and product development now place Cellnutrition Sport’s Cellular FitnessTM centre stage. We are delighted to be the headline sponsors of such an event and to share with you a new kind of fit.

[cf]:1 + [cf]:2 + [cf]:3 = Cellular FitnessTM, a practice whereby the correct electrolytes & fats are taken to ensure optimal performance is attained. Fine-tuned by science, prescribed by coaches, nutritionists and dietitians. Adopted and adored by elite athletes the world over.

John Kelleher, CEO of Cellnutrition Sport, said: “We hope that our presence within Elevate will help better inform and educate those on the benefits of a natural alternative to Hydrated Performance, Conditioning, Recover and Repair.

We identify with partners that align to our strategic aim, to help us continue the narrative of the importance of Cellular FitnessTM in elite sports, providing a 100% natural, sustainable and more effective solution for athletes to excel in their field.”

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