​Warriors announce a new official supplier agreement with Power Plate UK

Posted on: April 07, 2021 by Power Plate

Power Plate will be exhibiting at Elevate on stand no F50

As an integral part of the first teams training program, Power Plate is supporting the Worcester Warriors with access to it’s full range of vibration training equipment in order to help the club with performance gains, recovery and the rehabilitation of players.

With applications for preparation, performance and recovery, the use of Power Plate can help club rugby players to be at the top of their game. Partnering with Worcester Warriors enables Power Plate to demonstrate the true benefit of its products for elite sports.

Iain Murray, Sales Director Power Plate UK says "Having supported the England rugby team at the last world cup, we are excited to work with Worcester Warriors and expand our portfolio with our whole body and range of targeted vibration products."

Recovery is becoming increasingly important to the high-performing athlete and in a bid to reduce fatigue and enhance performance, massage therapy is becoming a popular choice across many sports.

Warriors Strength and Conditioning Coach David Fabricius said “The vibration training and therapy equipment from Power Plate has been excellent in helping with our daily training and pre-match preparation. Power Plates is used for pre-gym warm-ups and at the end of a training day during recovery, when players want to further enhance their stretching routines.”

Power Plate’s vibration-assisted technology reduces inflammation by increasing blood flow and lymphatic flush to ease pain, promote faster recovery of damaged muscles & tendons and improve joint mobility.

In addition to the Pro7 Power Plate, the team has incorporated Power Plate’s Targeted Vibration Products into its recovery and rehabilitation programme, using the Pulse for post gym and or field sessions and the Roller and Dual Sphere for soft tissue release.

Fabricius continues “Power Plate has given us additional tools in our arsenal to prepare, train, enhance recovery and aid in the rehabilitation of our players.”

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