Totum Sport to ‘entirely disrupt’ $10bn US Sports Supplement Market

Posted on: November 16, 2018 by Totum Sport

Totum Sport – the most innovative hydration brand of its kind in sports nutrition - has today announced its US expansion plans, promising to ‘entirely disrupt’ and dominate the $10bn US sports supplement market.

Totum Sport, owned by UK based Health & Wellness company - Cellnutrition Ltd, has developed its US growth strategy, following enormous success across Europe and Asia, providing a 100% natural solution to performance and recovery.

A performance staple for as diverse a field of elite sporting stars as 17 times Grand Slam Winner Rafa Nadal to British sprinter and former World Indoors 60m Champion, Richard Kilty, the hypertonic drink supplement is the only sports product of its kind to boast 100% natural ingredients, unlike many of the current FMCG driven brands which currently dominate the US market.

Many of these brands produce products that contain high levels of sugar and in many cases – excessive levels caffeine, which offers a unique point of difference for Totum Sport.

The brand has based its North American strategy on working with College and University sporting assets, as well as elite level franchises – across the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB and will be available to the US public from January 1st 2019 at

The announcement of Totum Sport’s US launch was officially made at the Soccerex USA convention in Miami - the largest of its kind - where the brand has this week, been exhibiting and presenting the product to a global audience of sports performance & health experts.

This is the boldest move yet by the ambitious company in its attempt to take a piece of the £30 billion global sports market – of which the US enjoys a 37% share.

CEO John Kelleher’s bold ambitions for the brand, promising to ‘’entirely disrupt” the marketplace is based on the uniqueness and differentiation of the product-developed through a purely scientific matrix and the growing number of sporting assets who use the product.

This, coupled with the fact, the product is based on a century old discovery by renowned biologist and physiologist Rene Quinton only adds to its credibility as a product.

“Totum Sport improves performance by restoring cellular hydration in athletes, preventing the onset of cramps, delaying fatigue and improving concentration through measured hydration,” explained Kelleher, who runs the company from offices in the UK, Ireland and now the East Coast of the US.

“We know through extensive research and from working closely with High

Performance Directors, coaches, nutritionists and athletes, that there is a very specific need for Totum Sport.”

“There are many isotonic products out there that will claim to be beneficial to the user, but none of them can claim to restore full hydration based on a purely scientific matrix, at a cellular level. We are now at a point, having steadily grown the Totum Sport brand over the past two years, to make the ultimate leap into the US, and to entirely shake up the marketplace.

“Getting our product tested in the field by the biggest names in US sport has been our ongoing strategic goal, facilitating our launch-pad into the marketplace. This has proven so successful we now aim to have Totum Sport in every locker room in elite sports in North America, by the end of our initial key phase on this extraordinary journey.”

Totum Sport is currently available throughout The UK & Ireland, Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. Only Totum Sport can deliver the complete complement of 78 minerals and trace elements including electrolytes, that supports both circulation and cellular hydration which maximises strength, speed, stamina and cognitive function. No other hydration or sports supplement has the necessary number and proportion of electrolytes to deliver such maximum performance.


Editors notes


The 100% natural Atlantic Ocean supplement that is Totum Sport is based on a more than a century old discovery by renowned French physiologist and biologist Rene Quinton, who discovered that seawater found in high plankton areas in the ocean possessed components which held extraordinary health benefits.

Quinton subsequently discovered that through rigorous testing the supplement replaced all 78 electrolytes lost through dehydration, thereby reducing the risk of cramp, and increasing physical and mental stamina and wellbeing.

Totum Sport’s science team in the UK, lead by Group Head - Roger Meacock, have been collaborating closely with performance and conditioning partners across multiple sports disciplines including football, athletics and boxing, measuring the effects of use and supporting education.


Totum Sport is the only product that satisfies the mineral interdependency that exists in our cells and body, which means that every mineral and trace element's function is inherently reliant on every other element, either directly or indirectly.

Total hydration in the human body depends on a synergy of all 78 naturally occurring elements. This is crucial to how the body can absorb and utilise the elements, including those dissolved as electrolytes.

Totum Sport is the only supplement that contains all 78 elements in the correct proportions and in a fully bioavailable form. This is fundamental and crucial to how the body hydrates.

Complete hydration of an athlete relies on maximum absorption of water and minerals through the digestive system into the body's natural blood circulation system, and from there, directly into the cells for cellular hydration. The first stage of enhancing circulation hydration is optimised by the presence of higher concentration electrolytes – primarily Sodium, Potassium and Chloride which are present in all sports drinks and hydration products, including Totum Sport.

However, unlike other sports supplements and drinks which create a state of hyper-hydration, triggering the kidneys to filter blood and increase urine production, Totum Sport's unique formula does not dilute the blood, instead enhancing this absorption process.

Water lost as urine can take valuable electrolytes with it, further reducing the ability of the body to retain water and actually increases dehydration.

This is a well-known problem that occurs from just drinking water alone or taking hydration products - other than Totum Sport - that only contain the few common electrolytes.

For water to cross into the cells and properly hydrate the player, it requires the cells to be fully mineralized. Only Totum Sport has the full complement of elements that enables water to cross through the cell wall and fully hydrate muscles and cells. This absorption of water occurs as a result of both passive and active movement of water into the cells.

When cells are fully hydrated, heat generated through metabolizing energy for physical work is dissipated from the mitochondria directly. Less heat has to be lost through sweating which reduces further water and electrolytes losses. This helps retain more water for longer, especially valuable in warm climates.

When hydrated using Totum Sport, cells and muscles can sustain a higher level of performance for longer.

Intracellular water contributes to energy metabolism through the higher level of 4th phase water generated. This helps regulate and stabilize blood glucose, retaining it for use by the brain, meaning athletes can concentrate better and for longer. Muscles stay stronger and faster for longer as the switch to anaerobic metabolism is significantly delayed.

This is backed up by the findings of a research paper published in the Biology of Sport that found athletes who take Totum Sport have 46% less blood lactate build-up for the same degree of dehydration, preventing both lactic acid accumulation and cramping. Only Totum Sport's unique formula can do this.

When cells are hydrated properly energy metabolism is sustained for longer which supports concentration, decision making and reflexes. With the enhanced blood glucose delivery that Totum Sport ensures, field and depth of vision are also maintained which are important for cognitive function and performance.

Water also transfers better directly from blood circulation to support cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) volume. CSF cushions the brain within the skull, thereby reducing the likelihood of concussion from repeated sub concussive forces and low-level trauma that manifests later in life as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

This ensures that even larger collisions, which cause direct concussion, the cerebral circulation is also maintained for better recovery through better CSF hydration that only Totum Sport maximises.

When it comes to recovery from exertion after exercise Totum Sport out-performs all other hydration and sports supplements. When a higher level of performance with reduced anaerobic metabolism and lower lactate levels are present requiring less recovery. Totum Sport also enhances recovery by optimising recovery nutrient absorption that is required for muscle repair and restoration of glycogen stores. Better hydration supports the circulation required for recovery and supports the body's natural recovery processes.

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