Product Review by Daniel Lewis, Roger Gracie BJJ Black Belt

Posted on: October 20, 2018 by Quartz

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JuzoFlex Genu Xtra

With any tough sport or martial art injury is sure to follow despite how much we try to avoid them they are just part of the course.

Dealing with injuries is complex and we often find ourselves training on and making the situation worse before it has a chance to heal.Having done Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts for nearly 10 years I try to comeback when 100% but if I need to train or teach I need confidence in being able to step on the mat.

I have spent countless amount of money and time on finding supports that can both mentally make me feel confident to move without even thinking about it and giving me actual support that does not need constant adjustment.From the expensive and the cheap I’ve never found something that could be worn when training and sparring with other people.

So, the criteria I have for a good support is
1) Good support of the affected area.

2) Good hold so does not need adjustment.

3) Be safe for both myself and my training partners to use when sparring.

To cut to the chase the Juzo knee support I have used over countless hours of training has fitted all the above criteria to the fullest like no other support.It also has the benefit of not being unreasonably priced, so I may have just stumbled on to support gold for my fellow martial artists and sports people.

I have had both medial and lateral strains and sprains on my knees and the compression and the support struts on these braces really give me the actual support I need which in turn gives me the confidence I need to train without constantly thinking about my knee.

This then leads me into my second criteria.Due the materials used and design of the weave this hold on the area of support very well.You often find with supports after they get sweaty and you are moving around in them they begin to move so require adjustment.Even when soaked these supports stay in place.In the weeks of training in these I have maybe had to adjust them twice and that was more due to a physical grip used rather than through standard competitive use.

So, there is just the final criteria now and that's the safety.In martial arts you come into close contact with your partner and you don't want anything popping out and causing dangerous sharp points that could stab you or your partner. Due to the side supports being a flexible plastic they are ideal for grappling and any other sport where safety is key.

Now I have found a support that ticks all the boxes I use them whenever I feel the need to add a bit of support and to add a bit of confidence in being able to train.Another thing is the colours and design look awesome too.

I highly recommend them.

Daniel Lewis, Roger Gracie BJJ Black Belt

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