LEDSnaps announces lighting grant for gyms!

Posted on: August 09, 2021 by LED Snaps

LEDSnaps are aware of the financial strain government lockdowns have put on our industry and how important it is to get new and existing members back into the gym.

When Covid-19 struck, LEDSnaps CEO Ian Kirby recognised that businesses managing to survive the pandemic would be tight on both cash and resources. With an affordable immersive lighting system setting the fitness mood and adding atmosphere to classes, leisure and fitness centres would be more likely to attract and retain new members.

A recent feature published in HCM showed that gyms could increase their memberships by over 50% by offering an immersive element to their studio classes. Lighting systems comprise a large part of this immersive feature and LEDSnaps have developed core technology to bring a plug & play system to the fitness market, with no complicated installation or computer programming required.

Nevertheless, LEDSnaps decided to go a step further and created a grant to help support fitness centres and gyms as they transition back to a sustainable operating model through 2021. They have now opened applications, based on which we will donate a complete LEDSnaps system to the fitness centre we think would benefit the most from having the lighting system. The application form is available here and the deadline is 12PM on 31st of October. LEDSnaps will be announcing the grant beneficiary/grantee live on the 19th of November, and the successful applicant will receive their LEDSnaps system within 4 weeks from that date.

Add atmosphere, add members, add retention with LEDSnaps!

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