Introducing the StimaWELL MTRS Back Therapy MAT

Posted on: May 05, 2019 by icatalysts Ltd

Do you want to better support your patients suffering from recurring back pain ?

This is a revolutionary Medically Certified EMS Therapy device from Germany – that is widely used by Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists for the treatment and rehabilitation of common back problems.

Using 12 separate channels, the MTRS MAT, independently targets and stimulates back muscles using low level electrical impulses. The resultant effect of the stimulation causes muscles to activate and contract thereby exercising them,  increases blood flow to the treatment area, and strengthens related muscles.  The combination of electrical impulses and heat therapy (the MTRS is pre-heated up to 40℃) provides rapid non medicated pain relief to the patient.

Combining modulated Middle & Low frequency pulses, the MTRS Mat is able to reach deep into muscle groups thus recruit and activate superficial as well as the deeper muscle groups to provide a more therapeutic experience and effective management of back pain. The StimaWELL MTRS MAT has 40 pre-programmed routines, including muscle therapy routines customized to address conditions for the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar areas as well as multiple Dynamic Deep Massage routines.

The MTRS MAT provides world class muscle therapy equipping practitioners with the opportunity to offer alternate treatment plans to their patients. Repeat treatments can be offered as a preventative option to sufferers of back pain and to maintain strength of back muscles for athletes. 

As a special promotion for our UK Launch, we are offering a risk free trial of the StimaWELL MTRS MAT on a limited period Pilot program.  Please contact us on:

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