Interview with UFC Gyms - Total Gym case study

Posted on: January 30, 2018 by TOTAL GYM UK

1. Please tell us a little about CLASS by UFC GYM.

CLASS is the latest innovative fitness concept from UFC GYM. CLASS offers a modern take on traditional boxing and high-intensity interval training classes in a high-energy, fun and inspiring environment. Led by top instructors, CLASS pushes you through 50 challenging minutes, leaving you sweaty, strong and satisfied. Our two distinct yet complimentary classes, Box and HIIT, offer something for everyone and every fitness level. The classes incorporate the newest fitness tracking technologies and the freshest exercise equipment. Our workouts are constantly changing and evolving, so you will never be bored or plateau. Our goal at CLASS is for our members to burn up to 700 calories, have fun and transform into their strongest, most confident self.

2. Why is CLASS by UFC GYM is different to other clubs?

One of CLASS’s biggest differentiators is our integration of technology. CLASS goers can see just how hard they're pushing themselves as they workout wearing a heart-rate monitor. The monitor captures their heart rate, calories burned, and overall effort. Stats sync with the leaderboards throughout the studio, giving a real-time report of everyone’s efforts and the motivation needed to give it your all. We've taken boxing class to the next level by integrating Hykso punch trackers. The Hykso allows you to view your punch output in real time while measuring your speed and intensity. The technology counts your hands' movements 1000 times per second to calculate the amount and the velocity of all your punches. Furthermore, CLASS is truly a community. Members who work hard, instructors who are supportive yet challenging and an atmosphere where people are comfortable pushing outside of their perceived limits.

3. How did you hear about ELEVATE Row?

We use Total Gym equipment in our UFCGYMs. When we launched CLASS, we were looking for a piece of equipment that would give our members a great cardio workout but would also fit with our high-intensity interval style classes. We wanted something that could work as a rower but also add a higher level of difficulty with more exercise options and strength training. The ELEVATE Row was a perfect match.

4. Why did you pick the ELEVATE Row?

When we were choosing the equipment for our state-of-the-art CLASS gyms, we knew that it needed to be cutting-edge and functional in a fast-paced environment. Aside from its slick aesthetic, the ELEVATE Row’s functional design immediately caught our attention. We needed a piece of equipment that transcended the traditional rowing experience while also allowing multiple users with various fitness levels to transition on and off the equipment quickly and easily. The ELEVATE Row allows us to do just this. Most traditional rowers limit the planes of motion a user can execute without causing wear and tear on the cabling system due to their design. With the ELEVATE Row’s design, it allows us the option to challenge our members with longer lever movements along various planes of motion without compromising the integrity of the cable. Most notably, the ability to elevate the rower allows every class participant to execute the same exercises together while meeting their individual fitness level. This is important because it allows our members to work together as a team while pushing themselves to their personal limits.

5. How are you setting up programing?

Our CLASS workout circulates our members through 3 intense rounds that are comprised of 5 dynamic work stations. This equates to 15 different high energy exercises which means quick transitions, so they need a piece of equipment they can begin using instantly.

6. What are your members thinking of the classes?

Our members enjoy the rowers tremendously. The rowers move smoothly, and we challenge our members to change their grips frequently to target different muscles and keep the exercises interesting. The members enjoy having the ability to immediately use the ELEVATE Row without having to stop and make multiple adjustments. It allows them to either warm-up their entire body before class or keep their heart rate elevated as they circulate through the workout.

7. Is this an install that will run through all CLASS by UFC GYMS?

Because of our positive member feedback and success of the ELEVATE Row, all CLASS by UFCGYMs will include this piece of equipment in their studios. We look forward to using the ELEVATE Row at every CLASS location!

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