Hussle launches all new Membership Conversion Service

Posted on: February 17, 2021 by Hussle

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Hussle, the first marketplace for fitness in the world, is launching a new service to help its partner operators improve membership conversion rates, grow their membership base and increase revenue.

The Membership Conversion Service (MCS) proactively targets users that are visiting a gym through Hussle to directly join a club they’re attending regularly, offering up high value customers for upsell. This service identifies customers that would be best served by a direct gym membership and so provides a new joiner channel for operators.

Jamie Owens, Director of Fitness Partnerships at Hussle, says: “Hussle’s two key principles are increasing participation in physical activity and generating revenue for operators. We offer operators extended marketing reach nationally as well as access to additional revenue via people who don’t currently engage with traditional memberships. Customers discover your gym through the Hussle platform and then the new MCS adds another layer of support, by proactively targeting users to join clubs they attend regularly. Some customers will always want to use multiple gyms but others use us as a tool to find a gym they like. We can identify those high value customers and convert them into direct members.

“Hussle has always increased direct membership organically for our gym partners; in the last 18 months we’ve turned 30,000 try-before-you-buy customers into direct club members. On average, 26%* of customers go on to become members of gyms they visit via Hussle. With the launch of a professionalised membership conversion service we hope the number of members joining directly will increase.”

Hussle attracts consumers through a broad network of partnerships with big brand names such as Revolut, Vodafone and Premier Inn, as well as via employer staff benefit schemes with companies including Facebook, CBRE and Decathlon.

“Thanks to the huge national marketing partnerships we attract, plus the corporate members we generate, Hussle can offer operators a ready-made, risk-free national marketing network. The scale of the Hussle network creates marketing opportunities no club could achieve on its own,” adds Owens.

It’s free to list a gym on the platform and Hussle is always keen to discuss with operators how an effective partnership that plays a part in their membership recovery can be built.

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