How important is hydration?

Posted on: January 28, 2019 by Totum

Totum Sport is delighted to be the headline sponsor for the Elite Sports Expo, for the next 3 years. Through this key involvement in the biggest and best exhibition of its kind we have found a partner whose strategic aims are aligned with ours.

Elite Sports Expo will allow us to amplify our message on importance of hydration in sport, providing a 100% natural, sustainable and more effective solution for athletes to excel in their field.

How important is hydration?

Hydration is vital for the wellbeing and performance for athletes in all sporting fields. When you’re just 2% dehydrated you have lost 10% of your performance, 2% dehydration is unnoticeable, so you’re 10% down on performance without knowing it.

Hydration is the most important aspect for maximising performance, supporting all other factors of speed, strength, stamina, concentration, immunity and recovery.

Totum Sport guarantees you complete hydration, how do we do it, you ask?

Totum Sport contains all of the 78 electrolytes needed for complete hydration, in the perfect proportions. Allowing you to perform to your maximum and get the best results.

Totum Sport is:

The only hydration supplement that works on a cellular level 100% natural, containing no calories, sugars or additives. The only supplement that restores all 78 electrolytes lost through dehydration The only supplement that restores complete hydration, resulting in increased performance, sustained stamina and focus The only supplement that alleviates cramp and provides full and complete recovery, leaving a healthier body. Studies show Totum Sport reduces the build-up of lactic acid by 46%. Safe for everyone, approved by Informed Sport Used by athletes and teams such as Tennis star Rafael Nadal, Sprinter Richard Kilty, Boxer Anthony Crolla and Ireland rugby ace Chris Farrell, amongst a growing list of international elite performers

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