GymFit grips cable future​

Posted on: April 16, 2018 by Grypit

An East Midlands gym is pioneering innovative equipment handles that it believes will transform the efficiency and safety of cable-based training.

GymFit independent gym in Ripley, Derby, offers the promise of providing “absolutely any fitness goal” in the heart of the community, running a wide selection of equipment and experienced, fully qualified and friendly staff.

It provides more than 100 stations, from plate-loaded units to free weights and selectorised machines within three weights rooms and a cable equipment area, while running Disco Spin, HIIT circuits and Cardio Fitness strength and functional training.

Opened 18 months ago, GymFit is stocked with mainly StarTrac downstairs and a mix of makes upstairs. “A gym has been on this site for 25 years but the previous one focused on bodybuilding,” explains co-owner James White.

With membership nudging 1,000 and spanning the 14 to 60s demographic, the latest occupier is clearly serving a wide community base in its Derby catchment.

Now its fitness armoury includes a full set of GRYPITR precision-engineered polymer handles that are creating a flood of interest and activity among members, he reports.

“Everyone gravitates to GRYPITR," states James, who specified the handles after trialling them at GymFit. “The low row is particularly popular, so too are the tricep bar and lat pulldown.

“We encourage everybody to use the handles, pick them up and have a go,” he adds. “Although they are radically different in design and feel from traditional products, GRYPITR handles are “intriguing” rather than “intimidating”, our members say.

“The handles hold you in the correct position and engage good form without need for coaching, another major benefit,” he says.

“For cable flys, the crossover handles are perfect adds James, 30, a qualified personal trainer who entered the industry straight from the University of Derby, where he had graduated with a degree in sports science.

Some handles also perform more than one function. “The biceps' narrow grip doubles as a really effective reverse tricep and the lat pulldown is a great wide-grip row too.

“I had never felt the need for a different grip for the lat pulldown or low row so confess that I was a little sceptical at first but once I’d tried them I knew we just had to buy them and the decision has certainly paid off.”

The handles have the potential to impact other specialised sectors of fitness, adds James, believing that they will prove “extremely useful for injury prevention work for elite athletes and biomechanical support work in pre-season training”.

Manufactured and engineered in Britain, the GRYPITR range currently comprises lat pulldown, triceps, biceps, crossover handles and row.

Major fitness operators such as DW Fitness and Edinburgh Leisure have already specified the handles in their new and refurbished gyms across Britain. Independent gyms are now following suit.

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