​GRYPiT unveils next generation of gym equipment handles at Elevate 2018

Posted on: April 11, 2018 by Grypit

Gym handle designers and manufacturers GRYPiT extend their range of cable equipment products with the release of bicep and tricep rope handles at Elevate.

Developed to deliver optimum positioning between the arms and hands during training on cable equipment, GRYPiT handles are transforming traditional thinking about what is an often neglected aspect of equipment functional efficiency.

The latest generation of GRYPiT handles, available in sets or singles, features resilient, hygienic polymer to deliver safe, comfortable and hygienic training without any need for gloves.

Designed, engineered and made in Britain, GRYPiT handles have introduced an era of ergonomic precision into training with cable equipment, delivering a safe, scientifically sound alternative to traditional steel handles.

Backed by UK-based fast-response aftersales and service plus a five-year warranty against manufacturing defaults, GRYPiT handles offer users safer, more secure grip and biomechanically superior training.

“In designing the range, GRYPiT has embraced guiding principles, stresses biomechanist Martin Haines, who has assessed the functional performance of the handles.

“The key consideration in handle design is to optimise force transmission,” he continues. “The purpose of the gym handle is to transmit force from the user’s musculo-skeletal system to the item of equipment being used.”

The ergonomic design ensures wrists are neutrally positioned during training to reduce risk of compression injury, limiting likelihood of grip and muscle fatigue.

The outcome of this appliance of biomechanical science is, he states, ”the best handles for fitness equipment in the world”.

GRYPiT Managing Director Graham Taylor adds: “In field tests, the fitness sector has given us very positive feedback to our bicep and tricep rope handles.”

“Excitement and expectation surround their launch and we’re eager to demonstrate the ergonomic precision of both these and all our other gym handles.”

Specified by national fitness and leisure operators such as Edinburgh Leisure and DW Fitness, the GRYPiT range comprises crossover handles, triceps press, row, biceps, lat pulldown and biceps curl.

Stand Contacts: Graham Taylor, Ben Taylor, Martin Nickell-Lean

W: www.grypit.com

E: sales@grypit.com

T: 01332 549753

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