​Ever wondered what value your PT team might add?

Posted on: March 27, 2019 by fibodo

How much revenue could your PT team add to your bottom line? What can you, as a gym owner, do? Look at your PTs as an asset, not 'tenants'.

Gyms benefit with empowered PTs:

Attract the best PTs with established client bases

Bring them into the business, provide business tools and help them secure more bookings, maximising their time and earnings.

Influx of new members

Personal Trainers, many of whom operate below 30% capacity, should act as your 'new member' lead generation army. Support them in reaching new clients – create assets, set targets and monitor.

Increase member engagement

Add value to your membership with hassle-free bookings of group classes.

Mass communications, on-brand

Engage your PTs and dominate social media: 100 empowered, proactive Personal Trainers immediately turn 10 posts per day by your marketing dept. into 1,000.

Member loyalty

Develop consistent services and make it easier for members to purchase and become loyal to your gym; so if the PT leaves, the member remains.

Member insight

Make informed decisions to maximise class participation – servicing the most members at busiest times and managing gym timetables with a deep understanding of participation data.

Job security & IR35

Gym chains should embrace the Personal Trainer, offer career development and prospects, whilst being fully-compliant with IR35.

Additional revenue opportunities

Your PT team should send booking confirmation, reminder and follow-up emails to clients. 100 PTs delivering 30 sessions per week generates 150,000+ communications per year.

Empower your PTs and help them achieve their career goals: Engaged and productive PTs at 80% capacity within a 37.5 hour week, at £30 per hour, earn £45k pa +.

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