eGym SmartStart revolutionises cardio training

Posted on: April 06, 2018 by eGym

Cardio devices are among the most popular machines in every gym and with eGym SmartStart, your members will train even more effectively.

Every gym has a variety of machines from different manufacturers which specialise in various important training areas, such as cardio, strength, flexibility and rehab.

For a long time countless isolated solutions were the order of the day, because there was no unified software platform to connect and network all these devices.

This is where eGym can help. The eGym ONE open-cloud platform is, as the name suggests, “open“ similar to Google‘s Android operating system. eGym provides its partners with the technical infrastructure so that they can integrate their devices into eGym ONE at any desired depth. eGym SmartStart demonstrates the latest and most advanced integration of eGym software competence and comprehensive hardware know-how of partner companies.

Say goodbye to Quick Start

Modern treadmills, cross trainers or indoor bikes offer a great variety of settings, functions and programmes. However, on average, more than 60% of all members press the “Quick Start“ button at the beginning of their training. Without any plan and at their own discretion, members are mostly training only with subliminal stimulus. Because of this, lack of goal achievement is almost inevitable.

Now we can exchange that for the eGym SmartStart button for all connected cardio partner devices, making the Quick Start button intelligent! SmartStart for cardio equipment follows the same logic as the eGym strength machines. That means, the customer conducts a cardio test every three weeks - in a similar way to the regular strength test on the eGym equipment.

The user logs in to the cardio machine using RFID and selects the option to “Take a fitness test“. The user will also select a training goal, such as muscle building, weight loss, general fitness, etc. if this has not already been chosen.

The chosen training goal is stored for subsequent training sessions.

The methodology of the cardio test is to keep to the ideal training speed over a period of one minute as guided by the device.

The limitation is indicated by a coloured bar within which the customer should train (similar to the popular training curve on the eGym strength machines). After one minute, the user rates his current state on a scale of one to ten (1 = no effect - I can speak normally, 10 = maximum expenditure - I‘m completely out of breath and can‘t talk at the moment). The cardio test will repeat, each time with increasing resistances, until the customer rates his condition with at least “9“. Experience shows that initially eight to ten one-minute cardio tests are necessary.

As a result, the personal endurance capability will display directly on the device as a “Cardio-Age“. The eGym software calculates an individual training programme, determined by the results and by the selected training goal, for all connected cardio devices. After the first login via RFID, the training parameters for the cardio machine are stored for each member and will be automatically setup each time.

And for optimal motivation, members can now get cardio training points in the eGym Fitness App.

It is also possible for the trainer to assign individual cardio exercises to the member, via the eGym Trainer App, instead of using the cardio test method. Distance, intensity and resistance values can be added manually by the trainer in the app. Again, this ensures the member will train optimally and in accordance with their training goal, just by selecting the SmartStart button.

The Result

With eGym SmartStart, the member fully exploits the huge potential of modern cardio devices - and, after completing a cardio test or the cardio exercises have been set by the trainer, only has to log in with their RFID. A milestone for effective cardio training - and a great argument when addressing new customers, who didn‘t previously use cardio machines effectively because it was too complicated to set up (at least for the current users that refers to more than 60%).

We invite you to experience intelligent cardio training for yourself. Visit the eGym ONE zone at Elevate on eGym’s stand #D10.

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