Digital Patient Intake Forms

Posted on: March 07, 2019 by DJSS Pty LTD TA Nookal

Digital Patient Intake Forms

The world has gone digital - has your practice?

Over the last year, we at Nookal have focused on features that digitise practice management while still being simple, smart and secure.

Earlier this year we released our digital intake forms.

Now, your clients can complete their intake forms online from home, on the go or in the waiting room at your practice.

What is it?

A customisable digital form that enables clients to electronically consent to treatment and communications, collects general client demographics and records any extra information required. This information plus the client’s digital signature updates directly into the Nookal client profile with just a few clicks.

What does it look like?



What does it feel like?

The future. (of practice management).

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