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Posted on: October 09, 2019 by CleanKit

SPORTS DETERGENT Removing stubborn smells or keeping the “like new” feeling of gym wear can be challenging. Equipped with our built-in patented technology, the CleanKit Sportswear Detergent has been designed specifically for activewear. The specialist formulation takes out odours by preventing bacteria from sticking to sports fibres. This innovative approachmeans odour-causing bacteria can be washed away at 30°C in a quick wash without the need of harsh chemicals that could damage sensitive activewear fabrics.

DRY WASH SPORTSWEAR SPRAY Keeping our favourite gym wear fresh all day can be a difficult task. While some gym accessories can’t be washed, they become unhygienic and have to be thrown away. Armed with patented odour-neutralising technology, the CleanKit Dry Wash Sportswear Spray targets the source of smells, leaving kits fresh and ready to go! Spray before or after use and allow to dry on your: • Favourite gym wear, e.g. t-shirts and leggings between washes. • Special non-washable accessories, e.g. trainers, boxing gloves or even gym bags!

MAT WIPES Grubby mats and unclean gym machines are not ideal when focusing on our next yoga class, spin session or workout. Made from biodegradable fibres, CleanKit’s smart, convenient Mat Wipes work very simply and intuitively. Designed with leading technology, our antibacterial formula attacks smells and dries quickly – leaving equipment clean and fresh! Use the wipes on any hard surface, e.g. Yoga mats, CrossFit mats, gym benches, exercise bikes and gym machines!


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