​As numerous studies have shown, sitting for prolonged periods of time can be harmful to the health of employees

Posted on: March 12, 2018 by AJ Products UK Ltd

Active Working CIC is leading the global insight and evidence based research on sedentary behaviour. Active Working™ commissioned the first global expert recommendations on standing time for office workers (with the support of Public Health England), published by the British Journal for Sports Medicine in June 2015 [1].

Active Working™ also runs the Get Britain Standing [2] campaign to grow awareness and education of the dangers of sedentary working and prolonged sitting time. The average UK office worker sits 10 hours each day, with almost 70% of sitting taking place at work. There is growing scientific evidence highlighting the multiple health risks (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes (type 2), certain cancers, musculoskeletal and mental health) caused by excessive and prolonged sitting.

AJ Products are proud to announce that we have become an Active Working™ partner and will be official sponsors of the Get Britain Standing campaign to educate businesses on the importance of a more active workplace and encourage people to get up on their feet.

“At AJ Products we have always aimed not just to sell tables and chairs but to help create better workplaces. Good ergonomics, through the use of standing desks, high-quality office chairs and active sitting solutions, makes for happier and healthier employees. By putting the health and comfort of your staff at the centre of office design, you get a much more productive and dynamic workplace, one which benefits everybody!” Enock Johansson, Vice President AJ Group.

AJ Products has a broad range of products that can help employees to be more active and sit less: from height adjustable desks and anti-fatigue mats to standing workstations and monitor arms. Our main ranges of standing desks are Flexus and Modulus. You can combine these desks with other furniture from the same range for a complete office solution.

Flexus was our first office furniture range to feature height-adjustable desks. Our aim with this range was to introduce a range of easy-to-use electric desks at affordable prices so that good ergonomics could become part of every workplace. Redesigned in 2016 to give it a more modern look and a simpler control panel, this remains our bestselling range.

Introduced in January 2017, our Modulus standing desks offer additional features to the original Flexus range including an anti-collision mechanism that detects obstacles while the height is adjusted and prevents the frame from moving further to avoid damage. It also has dual motors and an even greater range of motion to cater for the tallest of users!

We also have a range of active sitting chairs that can help with posture, reduces stress on the body and strengthen the back muscles. With an active chair, you will sit comfortably on a seat that keeps your body moving throughout the day. This is an intelligent alternative to a traditional office chair, ensuring that you stay active even when you are sitting.

These simple solutions will allow for the essential movement and flexibility needed to combat a sedentary lifestyle among office workers. So why not stand up, join us in reducing sedentary work and help spread the message to GET BRITAIN STANDING.

[1] The sedentary office: a growing case for change towards better health and productivity. Expert statement commissioned by Public Health England and the Active Working Community Interest Company, published by the British Journal for Sports Medicine in June 2015

[2] About Get Britain Standing [online] available from: http://www.getbritainstanding.org/about-us.php [accessed July 2017]

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