​4 top tips to become a more efficient and successful therapist

Posted on: February 25, 2019 by Sports Injury Fix

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It’s challenging being a therapist as it feels like there is a never ending to do list and changes in customer behaviour just adds to it. For example, just 25% of people now want to use a phone as their preferred method of making a booking/purchase . Such changes can be opportunities rather than threats though so here are four simple, actionable, steps to help:

1. Stand out:

The public don’t know the difference between the multitude of professions/people that say they can help them so take advantage of free sites such as sportsinjuryfix.com to stand out through highlighting your experience/expertise. Equally, if you’ve got people to your listing/website then you only have a short period of time with which to capture attention so use simple but engaging language and avoid medical terms the public won’t understand.

2. Save Time:

Hiring administrative staff helps but given most practices are 1-2 people big then this isn’t financially viable. Focus on what takes you the longest time. For example, an accountancy package such as Xero or QuickBooks can save time on financials or implementing an online booking system can cut down on the admin associated with bookings.

3. Stop No-Shows:

All it takes is two no shows a month at £50 a go and that’s £1,200 a year. Consider a 24-hour cancellation charge to still give patients flexibility but minimise the risk of no-shows. Equally, the success of companies such as AirBnB has shown people are happy to pay in advance.

4. Learn from others:

Be open minded to learn from others and try new opportunities. Not all of them will work and some will take longer than others but measure success and really push on what works.

Sportsinjuryfix.com gets people fixed not frustrated, helping the public find the right treatment first time. For therapists it helps you get more customers, get paid for no shows, stay secure and reduce your admin burden.

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