Private sessions for UK Sport and EIS invited attendees only.

The following two sessions will be held on both days of Elite Sports Expo Wednesday 8th May and Thursday 9th May.


Session 1: Critical Conversations

Hosted by Adie Shariff

This is a highly practical & bespoke experience – working with actors, each participant will take outcomes relevant to their skill & confidence levels. Overall though participants learn critical concepts & skills that can immediately enhance their job performance.

Typical outcomes participants report as being impactful post workshop include:

• Appreciate that difficult conversations are difficult for everyone hence it involves skill not personality to be good at them

• Know how to give challenging yet respectful feedback (not being overbearing or too meek) in a clear and concise way

• Know how to manage personal emotions and anxiety and maintain a calm and leaderful presence

• Be able to spot the signs of a conversation turning difficult and know how to get the conversation back to a constructive dialogue (especially when emotions flare).

• Know the difference between feedback and coaching and when to appropriately use each approach

• Know how to use listening and questions to overcome destructive blame/resistance and build a rich partnering relationship with people.

Adie Shariff

Adie is a performance psychologist with 25-years experience of helping people improve their results. His capabilities have been tested in a range of circumstances, from business to elite sport and military environments.

Adie started his career as a military psychologist, notably initiating an elite coaching unit in Royal Marines recruit training – an initiative that is now standard across all three military services. For the last 15-years Adie has specialised in working with commercial clients operating in competitive environments, facilitating strategic change and leadership development programmes.

Session 2: AGILE Decision-Making – Developing the real you with more skills

P= (M + DMS + D) EQ

The 1 High Performance Coaching team will provide you with an immersive and exciting experience exploring the principles and practice of developing AGILE decision-making in athletes, coaches and leaders.

In all our programmes we aim to help our clients to be themselves with more skills and make better decisions in order to:

• React and adapt to your environment and challenges

• Learn quicker than the competition

• Make effective decisions with and without pressure

This practical and challenging session aims provide a theoretical framework, to push, test and train your personal decision-making skills, identify specific decision-making tools and practices that can enhance your performance and help shape the programmes you create for your athletes.

WARNING: We use the theme of operating as a police firearms unit to demonstrate these principles and practices and you will be using safe, projectile guns in the workshop. Not for the faint hearted.

Performance= (Mind-set + Decision-making skills + Drive) x Emotional Intelligence

Alan Olive – Team leader and coach

Director of 1 High Performance Coaching, one of the leading practitioners and consultants to Olympic sports, designing and delivering world leading development programmes and systems for elite coaches. An Ex-Army and Naval officer with an M.Sc. in Sport Psychology, he has supported and trained over 500 coaches, across 16 sports achieving over 19 Gold medals (30 in total) across 5 Olympic Games.


Andy Halliday- Firearms specialist and coach

Andy has spent most of this career in high performance both as a police officer (30 yrs.) and international hockey player. As a specialist Firearms Officer and instructor for 18 years, he worked across the UK and globally in a domestic and counter terrorism role. After leaving, the Met Police in 2010, he has managed the England and GB Men’s hockey team and coaches the English International indoor teams.


Suzy McAthy Williams- Actor and coach

Suzy has been helping people to have more successful conversations for the last 15 years through her work as an actor facilitator and business coach. Her clients range from GB Olympic teams and ‘magic circle’ law firms to A-level pupils and global retail brands. Alongside bespoke role-play, she delivers skills sessions on all aspects of performance management and personal impact.


Mason Phillips- Actor and coach

Mason has worked as an actor and writer for the last 25 years both on stage and screen and also in the corporate sector. He believes in providing challenging practice and clear and direct feedback but also strongly believes in working with people to find what works best for them and what skills will help them in their future performance.

Please note that these sessions are for elite sporting professionals invited to attend by UK Sport and EIS only. If you are interested in attending then please contact UK Sport or EIS directly.