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The Hamstring Solo system is not about any specific training method, the key focus is on a Holistic Hamstring Health Management System, where Objective Data-Driven feedback enables the user to

  • Evaluate training effectiveness, is your S&C programme having the optimal effect?
  • Set training goals, setting targets and bio feedback helps athletes to achieve their highest levels of athletic performance.
  • Assess proven injury risk factors, eccentric, isometric strength and asymmetry deficits.
  • Tailor specific programmes for athletes who have been identified as being at risk of injury.
  • Monitor fatigue including strength endurance testing.
  • Manage Rehabilitation manage an athletes rehab back to full fitness and ready for return to play.

The Hamstring Solo Elite is becoming the system of choice for leading clubs and organisations throughout the world including the English Institute of Sport. Apart from the superior quality which includes aviation standard sensors, some key competitive advantages are our exceptional accuracy (due to our optimal in-line load configuration), unique athlete safety features (resulting in increasing player compliance and additional assessments/exercise options) automatic real-time player profiling and the systems unique ability to provide a greater insight into hamstring function and strength.

On-going staff training including data collection analysis reports, 24/7 technical support services all ensure an excellent after-sales service.

By integrating emerging scientific evidence, elite practitioner insights and the Hamstring Solo Elite we can assist in substantially reducing hamstring injury rates; improve the effectiveness of hamstring re-conditioning processes, and significantly diminish the negative, career limiting, consequences of prior hamstring injuries.