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Founded in 2012, Intenza pioneers change in the fitness industry by designing and building its user—centric, award—winning line of commercial cardio products in a socially responsible manner to minimise carbon footprint. All Intenza products are built in an environmentally sustainable, energy efficient manufacturing plant leveraging solar energy.

Providing world—class service, 24 hours over time zones, facility operators will enjoy the value of innovation, impeccable engineering and ergonomic design associated with Intenza products, and fitness enthusiasts, a versatile, premium and engaging training experience with must—have technology.

With 5 subsidiaries across continents including the USA, Europe and Asia, Intenza’s commercial cardio products are sold in 66 countries world—wide. Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries. Driven by innovation and inspired by technology, our vision is a world where people live better, longer and healthier lives.