Elevate Innovation Awards 2017

The winners of the inaugural Elevate Innovation Awards in 2017 sponsored by Fitness Compared were as follows: 

Best Facility Innovation Winner:

Poolview: Plus+

Poolview Limited and SwimEye™ have collaborated and produced the worlds first proactive AND reactive Computer vision system for the detection of possible drowning incidents in swimming pools. We have called it Poolview plus+ Using our tried and tested Poolview architecture, the lifeguards still have a monitor attached to their chair which displays the images from the eight carefully positioned underwater cameras, providing 100% below water coverage. 

SwimEye™ developed artificial intelligence operates software in the background and supports the fully trained Lifeguard with their responsibilities Poolview Plus will "track" each swimmer and continuously monitor their activity until such time as it detects a "possible drowning" developing. At this point our technology alerts the Lifeguard to the "unusual swimmer behaviour". This information is relayed directly to Lifeguard via their Monitor. The Lifeguard has then two options:- acknowledge and disarm the alarm acknowledge and escalate the alarm - which initiates the Emergency Action Plan and the swimmer is "rescued". Thus - in the situation when a Lifeguard "misses" a developing incident - their "co-worker" Poolview plus+ will back them up and draw their attention to a camera view and the relevant swimmer. 

Poolview Plus provides an additional layer of protection for swimmers - assists lifeguards with their duties and never switches off Poolview plus+ increases efficiencies for management but most importantly supports lifeguards in their difficult role.

Best Health & Wellness Innovation Winner:

PayAsUGym: Monthly+

PayAsUGym is an online fitness marketplace helping hundreds of thousands of people find their next workout, and facilitating millions of gym visits every year. Think Rightmove for finding somewhere to live or Deliveroo for ordering food from restaurants... 

With more than 2,500 gyms and health clubs participating, and with coverage in 96% of all UK postcode districts, PayAsUGym uses large scale marketing (inc. national TV) to help 'undecided' customers find a venue which is right for them by showing them all the options in their area. 'Monthly+' is increasing participation in fitness, and growing operator revenue, as customers that purchase the Monthly+ Pass will not take standard gym membership as their lifestyle means they need workout locations all over the country. 

With almost half of all UK clubs listed, only PayAsUGym can provide access on this scale. Participating gym partners include Nuffield Health, PureGym, Better, Places for People, Total Fitness, Livingwell and thousands of others. 

From the customer perspective you select a primary gym and then buy a Monthly+ Pass which gives you unlimited access to that club and all others for that price or less. 

Gym operators have complete control of the price as it is based on their own membership plus a premium, which operators set, and customers pay in return for network access. Within 6 months of launch, 34% of all gym visits through PayAsUGym are now via the Monthly+ pass.

Best Innovation for Human Performance Winner:

POWERbreathe: K5 including Breathe-link software

This model is a cutting-edge training tool and has been designed to develop and strengthen the breathing muscles. The K5 is revolutionary, as it automatically adapts to the users breathing training requirements and sets the optimum training load, the device then adapts the resistance across the full range of the breath, matching the contractions of the breathing muscles. 

Over 300 independent research papers show breathing training improves training, performance and recovery. The Breathe-Link live feedback software has been developed to enable the POWERbreathe K5 to be connected to a PC/laptop or Mac. Real time training then enables the user to view their breathing training breath by breath; training data can then be reviewed and stored for later analysis. 

The Breathe-Link interface allows the user to create bespoke breathing training programmes to match the demands of their sport and lifestyle. Training programmes can also be uploaded to the K5 and used on the road or when there is no access to a computer. 

The POWERbreathe K5 is also equipped with a range of breathing tests and challenges, enabling the user to assess improvements in breathing strength, power and endurance.

Best Workout Innovation Winner:

Amilly International: NuStep

Amilly international imports the NuStep recumbent cross trainer, exercise equipment that is used in a variety of settings including physiotherapy, rehabilitation and recovery. 

Accessible and inclusive, NuStep cross trainers are designed to provide users an upper and lower body cardio and strength workout while in an ergonomic, seated position. NuStep accommodates users of virtually any fitness level or functional ability, however some users need additional support for their NuStep workout. 

The NuStep Leg Stabilizer is an adaptive accessory that offers advanced leg support for users with lower extremity weakness or paralysis due to stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease etc. The Leg Stabilizer, which was developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and healthcare professionals, is used in tandem with the NuStep cross trainer. It works to keep the user’s leg in neutral alignment during exercise, while reducing uneven, undesirable loading of the hip, knee and ankle joints - a problematic issue for those with little to no muscle control in their legs. By ensuring the correct leg position, users are able to exercise more efficiently and without pain. Adjustable and easy to attach, the Leg Stabilizer enhances a user’s ability to exercise independently and with a greater sense of control. 

Those who live with limited mobility often experience a sense of exclusion when it comes to exercise. Used with the NuStep cross trainer, the Leg Stabilizer increases access to safe, total body exercise and contributes to a sense of inclusion in a gym setting.

Best Start-up Winner:

Fitlinks: Online Job Board and Talent Matching Service

Disrupting Recruitment! FitLinks is here to do things differently; to shake up the industry and bring recruitment into the 21st century. We’re more than just a job board. Our combination of forward thinking technology combined with an unparalleled focus on customer service helps you find great talent. We all know that the best candidates don’t look for jobs, they’re found. Our unique talent matching service will help you headhunt the best in the business. No commission, just one fair fee! Think online dating meets recruitment. Create your job ad and at the click of a button you will receive a selection of candidates, personally matched to your requirements. No need to wait for applicants to apply, your results are there within seconds for you to shortlist and contact directly. 

The stats talk for themselves. Our clients: Save an average 54% time on recruitment See a 63% reduction in time to hire Save between 61-88% on rate card costs #SmarterRecruitment Our Mission: It’s all about the talent! We’re passionate about people and believe that people are the lifeline of your business. We want to help you find the best for your business! Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do: - Be a Hero - Gung-ho Spirit - Happy Team = Happy Customers - Work Hard, Play Hard - Together is better - Knowing and doing what is right. - Innovate - Strive to be better - Make it personal

Footage from the Elevate Innovation Awards 2017

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