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We are the inventors, developers, manufacturers and exclusive distributors of "YoRoller" - the first PORTABLE Workout Station based on "FlyWheel Energy".

Our concept won the "ISPO Brand New Award" and is with that "The fitness product of the yer 2019!".

The MODULAR design enables a COMPACT, LIGHT and AFFORDABLE device. With the universal ADAPTERS, YoRoller can be attached to any stable support such as columns, trees, door frames, walls, etc. in order to train anytime and eyerywhere, indoor or outdoor.

The special Social Media Adapters enable an Interactive Workout Experience.

Our main target groups are: ELITE Athletes and Sports Clubs, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Centers, Personal Trainer, Gyms, Outdoor Communiies, Hotels, Companies for the workers health, Sport Enthusiasts.