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Where It All Began

SportsArt has been an industry leader in innovative design and manufacturing excellence since 1977. The company consistently seeks to advance industry standards, positioning itself as one of the most creative manufacturers of premium quality fitness, medical, performance, and residential equipment. SportsArt is one of the largest single brand manufacturers in the world and is sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

With over 500,000 square feet of state-of-the art manufacturing space; SportsArt designs, manufactures and tests all equipment to rigorous TÜV quality standards. With hundreds of patents worldwide for innovative technologies; such as the award winning ICARE™ system or the newly relaunched ECO-POWR™ Series which comply with CE and UL certificates, SportsArt is the leading green fitness partner, developing products that are instrumental to rebuilding and sustaining lives.


SportsArt has a long history of eco-friendly product innovation. As one of the first manufacturers of self-powered elliptical trainers and cycles, it was only natural to turn our attention to treadmill power consumption.

In 2007, SportsArt brought to market the first ECO-DRIVE™ treadmill motor. This motor system is engineered to use 32% less power than standard treadmill motors and can save club owners thousands of dollars on electricity bills every year. SportsArt also carries a variety of self-generating ellipticals and cycles that require absolutely no outside power to operate.

SportsArt’s latest eco-friendly innovation is the revolutionary ECO-POWR™ line. ECO-POWR™ is a series of cardio fitness products with a built-in inverter which harnesses wattage from human exercise, converts them to AC power and feeds it back into the power grid as useable energy. Club owners who replace their cardio equipment with the ECO-POWR™ series will be able to reduce their facility’s carbon footprint, offset power costs, and more.

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