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eGym combines the latest strength machine technology, powered by German engineering, with the advantages of connected mobile applications to deliver intuitive and effective workouts with more fun and data-driven member support. With eGym’s seamless data collection we are now able to prove our results and the solution’s positive impact on a hugely diverse range of facilities.

Our ultra-advanced software solution provides seven training programmes which deliver an unrivalled level of automated, individualisation to each and every prescribed training plan. These combine optimal periodisation, ergonomics, training resistance and training method - applied as required to deliver results, fast. eGym’s navigation system to customer success is designed to support all club members to reach their bespoke training goal - whether that be Muscle Building, General Fitness, Weight Loss, Athletic, Sports Rehabilitation, Body Toning or Health.

eGym’s most recent training programme, Metabolic Fit, is scientifically proven to help regulate the blood sugar levels of diabetes sufferers. A recent 6-month study conducted by eGym, in cooperation with the University of Leipzig and eGym partner gym facilities, explored the effectiveness of our digital-based strength training programme on type 2 diabetes patients training regularly in the gym.

Download the results in this free research report:

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