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Dedicated to keeping you fit and healthy by keeping you Active.

Providing products that fit your lifestyle, for your health & wellbeing.

More movement simply means better health, more motivation and higher productivity.

Introducing muvmat

The aeris muvmat allows you to stand naturally, relaxed but keeping you active – just imagine walking on a moss covered forest floor….This soft, resilient and proactive standing mat brings stress relief for the whole body, protects joints and helps prevent tired legs. Use as part of your core training.


The original and best active seat, natural movement in all 3 dimensions. Keeps you fit whilst you sit. Continue your training whilst sitting at your desk. Strengthening core and back muscles, encouraging good posture, lightening your mood and putting a smile on your face.

Need to take the weight off - muvman perfect posture at any height.

Keep Active, Keep Healthy

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