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The European Medical Journal (EMJ) is an open-access, medical eJournal that provides peer-reviewed resources to thousands of medical professionals in Europe. Founded in 2012, as an imprint of the European Medical Group (EMG), all publications feature editorials from key opinion leaders, a scientific papers covering a wide range of therapeutic areas, and concise news coverage from congresses within the industry.

The European Medical Journal currently publishes eJournals across 16 different therapeutic areas, along with a collection of material in its flagship eJournal EMJ, the first edition of which debuted in January 2016. New to January 2017, will be EMJ Innovations, delivering content consisting of pioneering medical technologies, and breakthroughs in medical areas such as human genetics, infectology, and precision medicine, to name but a few.

Each eJournal is published six weeks after its relevant congress takes place.

  • EMJ – Allergy & Immunology
  • EMJ – Cardiology
  • EMJ – Dermatology
  • EMJ – Diabetes
  • EMJ – Gastroenterology
  • EMJ – Hematology
  • EMJ – Hepatology
  • EMJ - Interventional Cardiology
  • EMJ – Medical Innovations
  • EMJ – Neurology
  • EMJ – Nephrology
  • EMJ – Oncology
  • EMJ – Reproductive Health
  • EMJ – Respiratory
  • EMJ – Rheumatology
  • EMJ – Urology

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